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Character Concepts, a non-profit foundation, and Aesir Group International, an expert in team, ethics and character education, intend to fully develop and deliver a character education program for America’s youth, entitled: "Rise as You Run". The courseware and subsequent instruction is delivered to Middle School (6th – 8th grades) and High School (9th – 12th grade) students and faculty on a national level. The program design is built around the mission and vision statements noted in this summary. Our joint goal develops future generations of citizens with character that live and work in an ethical manner. We teach, mentor, and coach excellence through habits of integrity, service and citizenship among America’s youth. This summary further outlines the overall program goals, plus the individual course goals and objectives for the Middle & High School (MS/HS) Character Education Program.
Incentives & Performance: Our program reaches beyond one class per school year. We firmly believe in sustained educational growth; and also understand how much quality teachers bring to the life of impressionable students. Our concept trains in-school mentors who continue the character education program throughout the school year. We also train high quality highly recommended teachers as facilitators of the character program in other schools around the country. Both the mentors and teachers are paid for their service in these capacities; thus providing a financial and performance incentive to the best teachers in the school. This is also a retention incentive for the school leadership to keep the best teachers in their schools.
Why would school districts and principals embrace this program and use it in their schools? For this summary we will name the top four reasons, and not in a particular order. With restricted school budgets the program must be affordable; it is — it is FREE to the school. The funds to develop, implement and deliver the program are entirely paid by private donation and grants. Extensive studies prove that academic performance significantly improves among students that demonstrate ethical behavior, morals, and discipline; the basics of good character. Our character program will help principals reduce disciplinary problems on campus and in classrooms. Again studies prove disciplinary problems fade as character grows. Respect for cultural diversity can be a daunting problem in many schools. This is not just the diversity among ethnic, sex or religious groups; but among the "jocks and nerds", the "hoods and preppies" or the "academics and the strugglers". Our character program teaches and emphasizes RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY to the nation, community, school, peers, faculty and the staff. We help “level the playing field” among the entire student body; a mutual understanding and respect for all. Our overarching goal for "Rise as you Run" is to: teach, mentor, and coach excellence through habits of integrity, service and citizenship among America’s youth.