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O ur Focus
Who were the Aesirs?
Who were the Aesirs?
O ur Focus
As America engages in a global campaign against terrorism while maintaining a military capability to conduct major theatre warfare, more agencies and industries find themselves dealing either directly or indirectly with members of the uniformed services, oftentimes with little understanding of their customer, the Department of Defense. Since our forces are one-third smaller than they were even ten years ago, the absence of experience continues to widen the gap in understanding as fewer previous military members are available for civilian hire. Aesir Group International is uniquely positioned to help agencies better understand their military customer. Aesir Group International can lend new insight resulting in stronger ties, better products, and expanded markets which, in turn, strengthen the defense of our nation.
Aesir Group International specializes in educational programs and conferences pertaining to Military Familiarization, Leadership Development and Homeland Security and Defense. Our Military Familiarization Program is intended to educate government (federal, state, municipal), industries, companies and other commercial enterprises on the organization, capabilities, joint operations and integration of the United States military as a means to better understand their Department of Defense customer. The Leadership Development Program is focused on a broader market of governmental and commercial organizations that must develop leaders at all levels (supervisor, manager, executive) trained to resolve ‘real life’ leadership challenges and situations in an ever-changing organizational environment and culture. Homeland Security and Defense conferences are forecasted twice annually focusing on the strategic, operational, and tactical necessities that detect threats, prevent attacks, mitigate damages and speed recovery from a terrorist act or natural disaster event.