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O ur Focus
Who were the Aesirs?
Who were the Aesirs?
C ompany
Aesir Group International specializes in education, training, programs and conferences that Develops the Future Workforce, Builds High Impact Teams, Trains Leaders to Lead and Familiarizes Civilians with the Military (MILFAM). Our human capital development programs start with a core of character, ethics, integrity, diversity and many other custom subjects generating a motivated and trusted workforce. MILFAM bridges DoD civilians, industry, and government contractors with their military customers.
Workforce Development — An Integrative Process: These activity based courses permit organizations to develop their future workforce through a continued awareness of organizational values, collaboration, shared vision, ethical behavior, integrity and team structure, in a diversified generation culture. Aesir Group’s workforce development courses accomplish the stated process of personal development for entry and mid level employees through customized programs designed for distinct groups of team members, supervisors, managers and senior leaders.
Our Military Familiarization Programs educate government (federal, state, municipal) and commercial agencies on the organization, capabilities, and joint operation integration of the United States military as a means to better understand their military customer. Since 2002 Aesir Group brought MILFAM to the entire intelligence community teaching over 1,200 DoD employees annually. We help secure America and strengthen our military forces by educating everyone that supports the force. MILFAM delivers the knowledge behind military power.