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Our Focus
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O ur Focus
Who were the Aesirs?
Who were the Aesirs?
P hilosophy
Aesir Group develops dedicated and highly motivated employees who embrace their organization’s goals, vision and values through small group seminars incorporating multi-media presentations, experiential learning activities and facilitator guided instruction that builds high performance teams and a knowledgeable workforce.
Develop future generations of citizens that live and work in an ethical manner. Impact the workforce by developing that human capital through habits of integrity, ethics, teamwork and dedication to the company, fellow employees and customers. Our company coaches, teaches and mentors character as an integral portion of our training. Provide accredited in-service faculty and staff development training plus student courses on character development.
  1. Teach personal responsibility for one’s actions
    • Teach ethics & character development
    • Illustrate the importance of self-discipline in the workplace
    • Experientially facilitate respect, responsibility and trust

  2. Build high performance team members
    • Overcome the 5 dysfunctions of a team
    • Develop human capital that embraces their contribution to the team
    • Provide personal and organizational profiles that improve relationships
    • Facilitate communication and collaboration skills
    • Instill positive attitudes
    • Create a forum for creativity transcending the corporate culture

  3. Develop future and current leaders
    • Model the Way
    • Challenge the Process
    • Inspire a Shared Vision
    • Enable Others to Act and
    • Encourage the Heart

  4. Provide a Military Education program bridging the communications gap between DoD civilians, industry, and government contractors with their military customers
  1. Integrity – Do the right thing for our company and our customers
  2. Ethical Behavior
  3. Honesty – Straightforward business dealings without hidden agendas
  4. Respect – Consider the needs of our customers
  5. Responsibility – Do what we say we will do
  6. Wisdom – Consider issues beyond the norm
  7. Moral Courage – Doing the right thing, even if personal impact is negative
  8. Selfless Service to the Nation – Good citizens that serve the greater good
  9. Selfless Service - Customer over company, family over company, company over self