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R eturn on Investment
Aesir Group’s guaranteed return on investment is a significant improvement in your human capital as they relate to each other and customers leading to a vast improvement in business output and profitability. People are the most precious corporate asset. Studies show investing in their development returns greater than a 30% output increase.
Most organizations suffer from the five dysfunctions of a team causing great loss in productivity and service. Many only know production or service is substandard. Aesir can battle this dilemma and significantly improve productivity, customer service, and employee job satisfaction by developing inspirational leaders and building High Performance Teams.
Aesir Group conducts a powerful in-depth series personality and work related profiles supported by over 25 years of empirical data. Employees learn their predominant styles, how to elevate their performance in differing environments and communicate more effectively. We then instruct your employees how to use this information to combat and overcome the five dysfunctions of a team.
First, your team will learn the basics of positive interaction within the organization and their relationship to the customers or customer needs. Students learn why they are important to the company, how their interactions contribute to success, what is positive communication, where they encounter destructive pitfalls, when to avoid the fear of conflict, who and how to trust. Second, through the use of engaging and fast paced activities, everyone learns tools that positively develop managers, leaders, followers to serve the organization over self. These are tools that go back to the office, production center, or customer care areas. We provide real tools for daily use, not simply theoretical exercises during a class.
Help your company thrive in a competitive market place with well trained employees dedicated to your company, product and customers. The cutting edge comes from our people, and we can instill vast improvements through their interactions internal and external to your organization.